Hi, fellow bloggers. My name is Brenda and I have been enjoying travel for over 40 years. Being a teacher allowed me to travel extensively during my vacation time.

In recent years, I have discovered the many advantages of traveling alone. Being a retired, single woman traveling alone can be very rewarding, fulfilling, and a great confidence builder. However, it is helpful to know what to expect when traveling and to know how to prepare for a solo trip.

The purpose of this blog will be to share some solo trip reports as I travel and to share what I have learned from over 40 years of vacations – tips and experiences that will hopefully help others experience safe, happy, and stress-free travels.

When you travel alone, the world is at your feet. It is rather like a “choose your own ending” novel. You choose where you go, when you go, what you see, what you eat, when you rest, and when you change plans at a moment’s notice.











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  1. Brenda, I am an avid traveler too! AND walker! One tip, if you don’t want so much white space at the bottom of your posts just be sure to delete any empty spaces from the bottom up, before you hit post! Look forward to more of your adventures!


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